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Jewelry Repair

Is your jewelry in disrepair? When we love our jewelry, we wear it every day and it really takes a beating, getting scratched and dented along the way. Maybe your wedding ring is a bit tight; that favorite chain is broken; the backs are missing from a pair of earrings; or the string on Grandma’s pearls has stretched to twice its former length. Maybe you found a lovely vintage piece of jewelry at an estate sale that needs restoration, or the setting is outdated. Perhaps your favorite pieces are just not as shiny and sparkling as they were the day you bought them. These are all problems that we at Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers® can solve!

The highly trained jewelers in our repair department have over 100 years of experience combined and can evaluate your jewelry and give you an estimate for any repairs or changes that you would like to have made. Our professional jewelers can do it all: size rings, retip prongs, tighten loose stones, restring pearls, polish jewelry, rhodium plate and replace clasps. We do it all, and often for less money than you might expect.

Why buy new when you can repair or restore what you already own and make it look like new again? Come in for a free estimate today!

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