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People always search the internet for ”where to sell coins near me.” Coins are a great investment, and when it comes time to sell them Leo Hamel Jewelry and Gold Buyers makes the process simple and stress-free. The best way to sell coins is through a reputable coin buyer. Our team of experts offers the most knowledge on rare coins, antique coins, silver coins, gold coins, and coins from all over the world! If you’re looking to sell coins for cash, you must stop by Leo Hamel Jewelry & Gold Buyers for a free evaluation.

Wondering if your coin collection is valuable? Bring them in to Leo Hamel’s and we’ll tell you! We will authenticate and evaluate your coins right in front of you, so you’ll know if they are worth selling. Don’t sell coins online for cash- you won’t receive nearly as much money as you would when you come visit us!

We buy coins from anywhere and any era that may be of value. What coins are you looking to sell? We buy coins of all different kinds:

  • Sell ancient coins: ancient coin collecting can be a fun pastime, and it can also make you tons of money! Ancient coins give us a glimpse into many different culture’s history, making them fairly valuable.
  • Sell silver coins and sell gold coins: precious metal coins can also be of great value depending on their rarity. Old gold coins are typically the most valuable! You won’t be pressured to sell your coins. Our experts are trustworthy and honest- we will even let you know if you should keep your silver and gold coins for future investment.
  • Sell commemoratives: most commemorative coins are not in regular circulation. You might just be lucky enough to have a rare coin that will be worth more than you expect.
  • Sell U.S. coins: collectible U.S. coins of all types can also be worth quite a bit of money. Even if you have old coins that have seen years of wear and tear we will evaluate them and offer our best price. Sometimes, old coins value will increase over time!
  • Sell world coins: rare coins from around the world are worth a pretty penny, as well. Our coin experts have the experience and knowledge necessary to evaluate both world gold coins and world silver coins.
  • Sell paper currency: old paper money, rare currency, and other financial collectibles are more than just paper. These are historical documents! You’ll receive top dollar for old and rare paper currency once it has been authenticated.

I inherited a coin collection, now what?

Oftentimes, you receive coin collections after a loved one has passed and you’re not sure what to do with them. Bring them in to Leo Hamel Fine Jewelry & Gold Buyers and we’ll gladly take a look at them for you. We will evaluate your coins and give you the most information about them as possible. You might have something extraordinary without even knowing it! Then, if you’re ready and willing to sell your coins, we will offer you the highest payout in San Diego.

Don’t hesitate to contact us before you drop by! Click Here to find a Jewelry & Gold Buying location nearest you for driving directions, phone numbers, and hours of operation. NO APPOINTMENT IS NECESSARY!


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