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About Leo Hamel Jewelry & Gold Buyers

Leo Hamel Jewelry & Gold Buyers is San Diego’s largest buyer of pre-owned jewelry, scrap gold, coins, sterling silverware, diamonds, and fine watches, and we pay the highest possible prices. Transactions are private, secure, and easy; we are your trusted jeweler when it comes time to cash in that jewelry or watch that you never wear. We have several jewelry buying offices throughout San Diego County, so that you don’t have to drive as far to get cash for your valuables.

Dear Friends and Customers,

I started my company Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers & Jewelry Buyers in 1980 with $125 in my pocket, and with the help of my partners and employees, built it into San Diego’s largest full-service jewelry store and jewelry buying service.

I always saw the need for a safe place where people could bring the fine watches and jewelry that they no longer wanted, whether to trade in for something else, to sell outright, or to pawn for a loan. Let’s be honest – many pawnshops are not the most attractive and comfortable places for people to go! No one wants to bring valuable jewelry out on a counter while standing next to a guy who’s trying to pawn a stolen DVD player. And some pawnshop owners are notorious for being on the gruff side.

Here at Leo’s you will find just the opposite to be true! Our jewelry buyers are well-trained and knowledgeable professionals who will treat you with the respect you deserve. Sometimes selling jewelry can be an emotional experience, and our aim is to make the process as easy and friendly for you as possible.

You can feel good about bringing your broken or worn jewelry to Leo’s to sell. It’s ecologically beneficial to recycle and reuse vintage jewelry and watches rather than mine the gems and metals to make new jewelry. A lot of what is traded in or sold to us can be carefully restored and then purchased by someone else to be their new favorite piece! Our jewelry store customers delight in finding vintage treasures that are unique and have some history in their stories.

Sometimes inherited jewelry or watches are not to your taste, and the best thing to do is to sell them. You can use that money to buy something else that you prefer, travel, or do some home improvements. The process is safe, simple, and quick. No appointment is necessary; you are welcome to walk in on any day that we’re open. But if you prefer to set an appointment, we are happy to arrange that for you.

My three children Scarlett, Alexis, and Leo III, are my passion, and having a family to support motivates me to continue to serve my customers in the best way possible! My business partners Lisa Hamel, Robin Hart, Maggie Scheuer, and I have been blessed over the years with great business, terrific employees, and our wonderful families. Your ongoing support has meant the world to us and we will always give back to you through excellent service and great values.

Thank you for being a part of our family, and if you have just joined us on the trip into a bright future with Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers & Jewelry Buyers, welcome aboard!

-Leo Hamel

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