Selling Gemstone Jewelry

Who to Trust When Selling Jewelry in San Diego

Are your old necklaces, bracelets or earrings set with colorful gemstones stored away collecting dust? Maybe they aren’t your style anymore, or the chain is broken, or one earring was lost. Maybe you’re just bored and want something new!

If this is the case you should consider selling your vintage jewelry. You know what people say: one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Jewelry you don’t want anymore could shine again and make someone else happy if you’re willing to part with it. And it wouldn’t be for nothing; you’d be rewarded in return with cash to spend on something you do want.

There’s a lot that goes into selling gemstone jewelry. You may not know who to trust, how much you should expect to get paid, or how not to be underpaid for your vintage jewelry. Let’s get into everything you need to know, where to look and how to sell gemstones to a trustworthy jeweler.

Lower Your Expectations

It’s a common mistake to go into selling your gemstones with too high of expectations. Especially if what you’re selling has been in your collection for a few years. Even though you don’t want to wear it anymore, you might still be very fond of it.

Unfortunately, emotional value is not counted towards the final price. What is counted towards the price are the weight and karat of the precious metals used. Also, the type, size, and quality of the diamonds or colored gemstones. Another factor is whether the piece was from a designer, etc. What reduces value is scratches or damage to gemstones, missing gemstones or parts, or wear and tear to the metals. It’s very possible that your jewelry was somewhat damaged over the years if you wore it every day. Or especially if it wasn’t properly stored or maintained.

Realize too that you likely won’t get the price you paid for the item. Unless of course it’s an item that can appreciate over time, such as Rolex watches or diamonds. The store where you bought it new had a markup applied, even if it was just a slight one. Unfortunately, you won’t recover that markup when you’re selling it again. But you will get something, and that’s better than having jewelry sitting unworn that isn’t doing you any good. So keep in mind that if you go in with lower expectations, maybe you’ll be pleasantly surprised. However, if you go in with too high of expectations, you may be disappointed.

The best way to know the price of a piece is to bring it in to a licensed and trustworthy jeweler in San Diego like Leo Hamel Gold & Jewelry Buyers. Our knowledgeable gemologists will thoroughly examine your jewelry and bring you a realistic price.

Don't Rush to Sell

Wait until you’re absolutely sure you want to sell so that you don’t regret your decision in the long run. Avoid and leave stores where you feel pressured to sell as soon as possible. You should always be getting an expert opinion, and anywhere that doesn’t provide that to you isn’t worth selling to.

Sell to An Expert

A lot of knowledge and mastery goes into appraising a gemstone. This is where we can help! If you’re looking to sell diamond jewelry for example, there’s a lot of characteristics that go into determining the value. Jewelry buyers that aren’t experts can misjudge factors like color, cut, clarity, and carat weight. This may lead to a significantly lower price.

At Leo Hamel Gold & Jewelry Buyers, you can expect to be presented with a reasonable price for both parties based on a meticulous jewelry appraisal of your valuables. We’re very interested in buying pieces that could be refurbished and sold again in our jewelry showroom to make someone else happy. We offer competitive prices because our experience and reputation make us the go-to store for those looking to sell their jewelry. If you’re looking to sell gemstone jewelry that you no longer wear or doesn’t spark joy for you anymore, visit our buying office on San Diego Avenue or any of our other jewelry buying locations. No appointment needed!

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