Selling a Diamond Ring: All You Need to Know

People decide to sell their engagement and wedding rings for many different reasons and many of them aren’t pleasant. Whether your engagement was called off or you’ve experienced a divorce, or just need to raise some cash, you need to know how to sell your diamond ring properly.

Divorces and broken engagements are difficult, but if you’re ready to move on, you may want to sell your diamond rings in San Diego to lose the memories. Our San Diego Jewelry Buyers provide superior customer service whenever you want to sell your jewelry.

Where should I sell my diamond ring?

When selling a diamond engagement ring, you have a variety of avenues to choose from. Each option comes with advantages and disadvantages, so consider them carefully and decide based on your individual circumstances. 

  • Here are some options for selling diamond rings:
    Auction selling: mostly it’s rare and valuable rings that are sold at auctions. It can take a long time, cost large fees, and have uncertain returns.
  • Online selling: selling your diamond ring to an online retailer may seem convenient but you are at the mercy of a buyer that you can’t see and your valuables are gone in the mail.
  • Pawn shop: you are not going to get top dollar selling to a pawn shop and it can be an uncomfortable experience mingling with desperados pawning car stereos and cell phones.
  • Consignment store: consigning your diamond ring to sell will take longer than selling it outright, but you can sometimes net a bit more cash if you don’t mind waiting. Be sure the store often sells jewelry or it might sit for a while.
  • Local jewelry store: some jewelry stores also buy jewelry and are comfortable friendly environments. Leo Hamel Jewelry & Gold Buyers has in-house, GIA-trained gemologists who will give your ring a free appraisal and pay you the best price on the spot.

How much is my diamond ring worth? 

Determining the value of your diamond ring will depend on a variety of different factors. Of course, having an expert evaluate your ring is the best way to ensure you get the best offer. Here are the most important factors that can help you gauge the worth of your diamond ring:

  • The 4 Cs – cut, clarity, color and carat weight – will chiefly determine the value of your diamond ring
  • The condition of your diamond ring is less important
  • The desirability of the ring style and stone shape can play a factor
  • The buyer or outlet you choose is crucial – deal with someone who’s been in business for a long time with lots of reviews of satisfied customers
Diamond Engagement Ring with Saphire

What types of diamond rings can you sell?

Any diamond ring has value. Those with a designer brand or a large certified diamond with a great cut grade and carat weight will have more value of course.

At different times, different diamond shapes are more popular than others. For example, sometimes fancy shaped diamonds are less popular and therefore less valuable than a round or princess cut diamond. However, fancy shapes can sometimes command a higher price depending on the current trends.

Where can you sell your diamond rings in San Diego?

Diamond Engagement Ring

Selling your engagement ring or wedding ring can be an emotional experience, but it doesn’t have to be an unpleasant one. At Leo Hamel Jewelry & Gold Buyers, our friendly and knowledgeable jewelry buyers will put you at ease and ensure your experience is safe and stress-free. And we will pay the highest possible price for your ring. Or trade in your ring for another dazzling piece of jewelry to wear!

Visit one of our convenient locations throughout San Diego County whenever we are open. No appointment is necessary. Bring in your diamond ring and any other jewelry you’d like to have evaluated. You may be pleasantly surprised at how much you can gain. Our jewelry buying experts will evaluate your piece as a whole, not just the gemstones but also the gold or platinum weight, and ensure you get their best price!

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